The Spanish Tin features a collection of handmade premium quality spices inspired by kitchens throughout Spain. Reinvent weeknight meals with Spanish flavors. A taste of Spain for home kitchens or as special gifts for the discerning foodie - our entire spice collection is made with 'gusto'!

Best of all, our small batch blends are farm to fork, non GMO, non irradiated, no msg, and no additives!

A little about how it all began... My name is Nydia, owner of The Spanish Tin. I was born and raised in Southern California, but my father is Basque, from the Northern region of Spain, and my family has always embraced that side of our heritage. I traveled often as a child and we would spend our summer vacations in the Basque country - I fell in love with the lifestyle and the food. In 2006, my husband and I made the leap and moved to Valencia, Spain. The economic crisis in Spain was quite challenging, so after three years living there and traveling throughout Spain and Europe, we decided to return to California.

The Spanish Tin was officially born in 2013 after noticing a lack of Spanish flavors in our local market. As an online only small business, we strive to reach foodies across the country who appreciate discovering new spices and approaches to cooking. The kitchen is always the gathering place, where we all share the joys of eating!

We love food and family style meals have always been a part of our daily lives. Our Spanish-Basque heritage means that food is meant to be shared and bring people together, around the dinner table, for hours! From our family to yours, we hope to introduce you to new flavors while helping you reinvent longtime favorite dishes.

Happy cooking and buen provecho,

Nydia Armendia Sanchez and family!

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