Choose 3 Spices, Create Your Own Kit

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Choose 3 Spices, Create Your Own Kit


We've made it easy to create your own spice kit! Great for gifting or adding to your spice cabinet.

What's included:

-3 (2 oz) tins
-Quick recipe tips
-Gift wrapped

Add to cart and you'll be prompted to choose 3 from the options listed below.

----n_1 Far East Spain Blend / Pinchito
Everyday cooking: Make amazing flavored kebabs or skewers with our Far East Spain Blend. Chicken, beef, pork or lamb kebabs are so easy to bbq. Also great for soups and vegetables when you want to try something different but similar to many Moroccan dishes. Season rice or grains or make a yogurt dip for veggies. *This tin marinades about 4 lbs of meat.

----n_2 Hot Smoked Paprika / Pimentón (Origin: Spain)
Everyday cooking: You can basically use this anywhere such as in crockpot stews, legumes (i.e. lentils, garbanzos, beans etc), tomato based pastas, all proteins and even as a BBQ rub. There are so many uses for this particular pimentón, or paprika, including but not limited to slow roasted chicken to soups to potato dishes to flavored spice butter, grilled shrimp, hummus, and the list goes on...

----n_3 Nora Chiles (Origin: Spain)
Everyday cooking: Add to your favorite marinade or BBQ rub for grilling. This spice is a fantastic option when making tacos, crab cakes, ceviche, and smoky mashed potatoes. Adds great flavor to soups and stews. An interesting and fun use of the Nora Chiles is making flavored vinegar and infused oil. These can be used for dressings, sauces, and marinades. Great for cocktails when coating the rim of the glass - in this case with some spicy heat!

----n_4 Piquant Rice Blend / Sazon Arroz
Everyday cooking: This blend also works well to season many soups and sauces. Can be added to a pasta sauce for vibrant flavor with the following pasta suggestions: penne, rotini, etc (a robust pasta you would normally add meat to). Top with parmigiano reggiano for a final touch. Recipe tip: To make some very tasty Spanish rice, you would use 1-1.5 tbs of our Spanish rice blend and 2 tsp of tomato sauce/paste per one cup of rice. Or season to individual taste.

----n_5 Mediterranean Grill Blend / A la Parilla
Everyday cooking: Your go to grilling spice: steaks, chicken, lamb, burgers, etc. Dishes such as slow roasted chicken and almond crusted fish are just a few of the dishes that our Mediterranean Grill Blend adds a ton of flavor to. You can also pair this seasoning blend with potato dishes and legumes.

----n_8 Smoky Spanish BBQ Rub / A la barbacoa
For amazing BBQ, our Smoky Spanish BBQ Rub is the perfect addition to your spice cabinet. This blend contains Hot Smoked Spanish Paprika, Nora Chilies (also from Spain), two types of Mediterranean Sea Salt, and ground Smoked Black Peppercorns. Seasoning works especially well with grilled meats (ribs, chicken, shrimp, beef). Enjoy wings/ribs with the family during football season!

----n_9 Mediterranean Rosemary Salt / Romero con Sal Mediterraneo
An all purpose blend using Mediterranean Sea Salt, rosemary, and some great smoked black peppercorns. Pairs well with various proteins. Dishes such as roasted chicken, lamb, baked or grilled fish (hake, tilapia, red snapper, bass, etc) are just a few of the dishes that our Mediterranean Rosemary Sea Salt adds a ton of flavor to. Add to eggs, fries, oven roasted potatoes, and vegetables. Makes a great Thanksgiving turkey marinade (along w/olive oil, lemon juice, and dijon mustard).

---n_10 Salud Spicy Cocktail Salt / Sal Cóctel Picante
Searching for a unique foodie gift, try our festive Salud Cocktail Salt which blends Nora Chilies (rich mild earthy flavor) and sea salt for a spicy garnish. Perfect for margaritas, bloody marys, micheladas (beer w/clamato) and other (non-alcoholic) cocktails. This cocktail salt adds color, flavor, and texture to drinks, and even pairs well with fruit cups.

---n11 Seafood Pescadora Salt
An herby and aromatic infused salt (Kosher Sea Salt) that pairs well with all seafood. Use it on filets of salmon, sea bass, tilapia, and more when grilling, baking, broiling, or sauteeing seafood dishes.

---n13 Salud Smoky Hibiscus Cocktail Salt
Salud Smoky Hibiscus Cocktail Salt which blends tangy hibiscus powder and hot smoked pimenton (paprika from Spain) for yummy and complex flavor. Perfect rimming salt for margaritas, gin and tonics, tropical cocktails, and hibiscus tea mocktails.

Features:  - Non gmo -  No msg -  Non irradiated -  No additives -  Sourced farm to fork -  

*Order will contain three (2) oz food grade tins / Measures 2 inches wide by 1.5 inches tall / Product weight may vary

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